MS Oceanos / SS Nailsea Meadow


MS Oceanos / SS Nailsea Meadow Package May 2016

Dates: 21st to 29th May 2016

Cost: R 22 ,450


After a very successful 2015 trip to dive the MS Oceanos it was decided that this had to be done again. We had unbelievable conditions and managed to get 5 dives done in 6 days. Three dives on the MS Oceanos and two dives on the SS Nailsea Meadow. We used the third day as a rest day and went to Hole in the Wall in search of an elusive cup of coffee.

Mpame turned out to be a stroke of luck. Not only did we have fantastic hosts we were also only 6km away from the wreck. This made the travel time so much shorter, which after diving was a god send. The Nailsea Meadow is 11km as the crow flies. The lodge is very comfortable. We book the en – suite rooms and choose self catering. This made the morning easier for us, especially as Sonia look after the majority of the cooking!!!! Bulls Inn will also do meals to make life even easier.

The MS Oceanos is still in very good shape with paint still visible on the hull and we actually went and found the original Greek lettering of MS OCEANOS which was above the pool (yes it was still full of water!) Both propellers are clearly visible and great to go and see up close with the scooters. Even after three dives of 90 to 110 min run times we hardly got to see the wreck. There is so much more to look at!

The SS Nailesea Meadow was just unbelievable. We were not certain of the marks and just to find the wreck was amazing. Then to see a 1943 wreck that had been sunk by a U-Boat and had Sherman Tanks still on it was the icing on the cake. Again after two dives (24mins bottom time) we did not even get from the stern to the bow. A number of tanks were seen but after looking at the videos we have so much more to explore.

Whilst we do not expect to get the same conditions we did on 2015 (flat seas, hardly any current and a cold 13 degrees water temp but 40m plus visibility), we have now learnt a lot more about what is needed to do this expedition properly.

We do suggest that every diver has

  • a scooter
  • correct lighting, its dark
  • enough gas for the trip
  • everything pumped before arrival
  • dive with their team before hand

The links to the videos will be posted on here at a later date.


Day 1 – Meet at Mpame – Bulls Inn. Afternoon spent getting your gear ready for the next day and a comprehensive briefing from the guides (site, safety and dive). The staff will arrive a few days early to try and get the bouy’s onto the wrecks weather permitting.

Day 2 – Either a check out dive (approx 50msw) or Oceanos ( depending on the group.


Day 3 to 8 -Boats are available for dives on the Oceanos and Nailsea Meadow, weather and diver permitting. On diving days we will launch early (dependant on weather) to make sure we have the best chance of diving. The first group of divers will launch at approx 7am to be in the water by 7.30ish. Second group to start 30mins after first group (once orange bouy’s have been seen). Dive depth planned for 90msw Oceanos and 110msw SS Nailsea Meadow ( with a max run time of 3hrs.


Day 9 -After breakfast you will be ready to carry on your South African adventure or head home (approx 1.5 hours to Umtata airport, 5 hours to East London and 6.5 hours to King Shaka in Durban). Extentions can be added to Aliwal Shoal , Protea Banks , Cape Town and South Africa’s amazing Big 5 game parks.


  • 8 nights en-suite accommodation
  • 4 divers to a boat
  • Air and weights (belts)
  • Experienced skipper and safety diver
  • 7 days diving weather dependant
  • Community levy
  • Compressor and booster pump



  • Flights and taxes
  • Visa’s
  • Travel and diving insurance
  • Dive gear
  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Transfers
  • All gas besides air
  • Meals and drinks (self catering available)